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When you see “ASSY,” this is a factory assembled group of parts. A kit is a group of parts that are necessary to complete an assembly at your facility. You will recognize this as a KIT in the beginning of the assembly name. 

A KIT can be added to your cart, and an ASSY will not add to your cart. 


The results in search display a SKU. If that SKU starts with “Grouped” You will find all parts within that ASSEMBLY, including the ASSY when you click on the item with a SKU starting with “Grouped” 


Processing time is 2-3 business days. You will receive an automated email immediately after ordering.

You will receive a second automated email when we start processing your order.

You will receive a third automated email when we complete your order.


We offer Spee-Dee Shipping as our standard delivery to all our dealers. Shipping time with Spee-Dee is 1 day to all our dealers. There is a maximum weight and size. Spee-Dee Delivery only works for non-heavy and non-oversized packages. Packages must weigh less than 100 lbs and measure less than 130 inches (length + girth).

You can choose to pick-up your order as second option. Your order will be ready in 2-3 business days. 

To expedite your order, please call Nick Davis after completing your order online. Expedite charges may apply.


Your order subtotal is displayed on your order. Order totals are calculated offline and you will be informed of these calculations when your order is complete. You will receive an email with the totals. This is not your invoice. You will receive an Invoice for your online order from accounting. Payment is due within 30 days. Payment will not affect your order processing and shipping, unless you are 30+ days past due.


Two prices are displayed for you. MSRP and your cost. MSRP has a line through it. ** Prices are subject to change at any time, without notice. Prices are displayed only when you are logged in.

Read More

When you see “Read more” the part is not available to order online at this time. Please contact Service@SnoBearUSA.com with the part number and we will get it fixed. Thank you!

View Products

When you see “View products” the part is an assembly. Click on View Products or the linked text of the assembly to drill down and view the sub assemblies and parts before you can add to cart.

SnoBear Owners

Please use this site to look up parts for your SnoBear. To purchase parts, please contact your dealer.

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